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2.65% APY* 15 Month CD & IRA    •     1.75% APY** High Yield Money Market

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*APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is accurate as of 6/7/19. Interest Rate for the 15-month CD is 2.62% and APY is 2.65%. In order to receive the APY (Annual Percentage Yield) principal and interest must remain on deposit until maturity. To qualify for the promotional CD rate, a $2, 500.00 minimum balance is required to open the account and obtain the APY; and $240, 000.00 is the maximum amount allowed per account.

**Interest Rate for the Money Market Special is 1.73% and APY is 1.75%. The rate is guaranteed for 6 months. The APY is accurate as of 6/7/19. To qualify for the promotional rate: (1) A $10,000 minimum balance is required to open the account; (2) The funds deposited in the account must be new to bank funds; and (3) Customer must have a new or existing Checking Account at Alma Bank held in the same name as the Money Market Account. The Money Market Account is limited to six withdrawals made via pre-authorized or automatic transfers per month. Excessive withdrawals will result in fees; please see the “Truth in Savings” disclosure for more details. Account fees may reduce earnings. The promotion is available for businesses and consumers and may end without prior notice. Accounts by government entities and financial institutions are not eligible for this offer.

Promotional interest rate offer expires 7/31/19. Early withdrawal penalties may apply. FDIC Insured.

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