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Personal - MasterDebit Card®

Personal-BankingServicesWhether you're renting a video, dining out, or stopping for extra cash, the Alma Debit Card can help you do it all. It's your connection to both purchasing convenience and 24-hour banking access. Best of all, it comes with every Alma Bank checking account, and there's no fee.

An easy way to pay - Purchase amounts are automatically deducted from your checking account, just like a personal check. And, you'll save time, avoiding the hassles of writing a check, showing ID, and waiting for an approval.

Worldwide acceptance
- Whether you're spending the weekend at home or vacationing abroad, your Debit Card will be welcome everywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted.

Full ATM access
- You'll have access to your accounts for day-to-day banking transactions with access to cash at ATMs worldwide - wherever you see the MasterCard symbol.

Easy record-
keeping - All of your banking transactions and purchases are detailed for you on your monthly checking account statement, making it easy to keep track of it all.

To get your Alma Debit Card, or to open a checking account with an Alma Debit Card, call 718-267-ALMA, or stop by your Alma Bank branch.

Lost Check Cards

If you have lost your Alma Debit Card, please call 866-424-8229.


Telephone Banking

Need to check your account balance? Transfer money? Make a payment to an Alma Bank loan? No problem. Just pick up the nearest phone and call Alma Telephone Banking, anytime of the day or night.

Account information - You can check your account balances, see if a check has cleared, review recent account activity, or even check the date and amount of your last payment and next payment due on your Alma Bank loans.

Transfer funds - Move money between your Alma Bank accounts linked to your Debit Card.

Make payments - Make payments to your Alma Bank loans quickly and easily by transferring money from your checking account.

To access your accounts with Telephone Banking, call 866-424-8229. If you have questions, please call Customer Service @ 718-267-2562(ALMA).


Online Banking

Having access to your Alma Bank accounts no matter where you are makes life a lot easier. With Online Banking, you can bank anytime, anywhere you have Internet access. You can check your balances, view transactions, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills and more.

See for yourself how Alma Online Banking can simplify your life and save you time:

  • Access all your accounts. Link all your accounts and enjoy 24/7 access through Alma Online Banking.
  • Transfer funds quickly and easily. Make transfers between accounts. You even can transfer funds from your checking account to make payments to your Alma Bank loans.
  • Pay Your Bills. With online bill payment, you can quickly and easily pay your bills online.
  • Get your statements online with e-Statements. Get your statements faster and reduce clutter with e-Statements. Receive and view your checking, savings and money market account statements — all neatly organized in Online Banking. When your e-Statement is ready, we'll notify you by email. Learn more about e-Statements.
  • View the front and back of your processed checks online. No more waiting for your monthly statement or shuffling through messy stacks to find a processed check when you need it.
  • Need more details? See the Frequently Asked Questions below.


"What can I do with Alma Online Banking?"

Using Online Banking, you can access all of your Alma Bank checking, saving, loan accounts.

Get Account Information

  • Get current individual account balances - and the total of all your account balances - 24 hours a day.
  • View a running balance of your account after each transaction when you have selected the "All activity in date order" option as a custom view.
  • View detailed activity for your accounts, the way you want to see it. Create and name your own Custom Views for quick access to the type of activity that you check most such as all activity, the last 10 days' ATM transactions or my deposits.
  • Download account activity into a file that can be imported using Intuit Quicken®, Intuit QuickBooks, Standard Personal Finance, Spreadsheet, Word Processing or Microsoft® Money to track all of your activity.

Make Transfers

  • Make immediate transfers between your accounts and get a summary of past transfers.
  • Pay off your loan.

Pay Bills

  • Pay bills electronically to virtually anyone in the U.S. You can schedule bill payments whenever you log-in, or set up recurring bill payments - ideal for paying fixed expenses such as your monthly rent, mortgage, or loan.

Set Up Preferences & Other Banking Services

  • Set up your own online preferences, including creating Balance Alerts that notify you when an account balance goes above or below an amount you specify.
  • Enroll in e-Statements and receive your checking, savings and money market account statements online.
  • Customize your Online Banking home page.
  • Take advantage of other services - whenever you need them. Stop payment on a check, and reorder checks.
  • Contact us securely by e-mail.

"What will I need to use Alma Online Banking?"

You'll need an Alma Bank account and have completed an online banking application. You'll also need a personal checking account linked to pay bills online.

In addition, we require that you use an Internet browser that is at least version 4.0 and supports 128-bit encryption in order to do your banking securely.

"How much does Online Banking cost?"

Online Banking and online bill payment for account access is absolutely free - review your account history, transfer funds and more. We want to make banking convenience a reality.

You can also save time and money by using free online bill payment.

"I like the idea of doing my banking over the Web, but I'm concerned about the security of my information. Is Alma Online Banking secure?"

Security of your account is our number one priority. With Alma Online Banking, you can do your banking with confidence. We use state-of-the-art technology and a combination of security measures to make your banking sessions secure.

Alma Bank-Approved Browsers

Our standards are among the highest of companies on the Internet. We require that you use a current version of a browser that supports 128-bit encryption and SSL3, the highest level of encryption commercially available. We do not allow any information from your banking session to be stored on your hard drive unless you download it and save it on your computer.


Password and PIN

You will need to authenticate yourself each time you use Alma Online Banking by entering in your user name and PIN. Together, this serves as your unique access to Online Banking. You should never disclose your password or PIN to anyone, including anyone claiming to represent Alma Bank.


Preventing Unauthorized Use

Alma Bank uses firewalls to prevent anyone without proper authorization from accessing Online Banking. A firewall also regulates information coming in and going out, making sure that communications happen only between approved parties.


Timed Log Out

If you leave your computer unattended, go to another page at almabank.com or go to another Web site without logging out, we will automatically end your banking session after 10 minutes of inactivity.