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Alma Cash Management provides exceptional and secure online banking solution to our business customers. You can inquire account balances, view transactions, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills, send wire transfers, originate ACH payment/collection and more, anytime, anywhere.

Alma Cash Management Services:
  • Get account information
  • Make transfers
  • Stop payment
  • Bill payments
  • Electronic statement
  • Wire transfers
  • ACH origination

Get Account Information
  • Get current individual account balances - and the total of all your account balances - 24 hours a day.
  • View a running balance of your account after each transaction when you have selected the "All activity in date order" option as a custom view.
  • View detailed activity for your accounts, the way you want to see it. Create and name your own Custom Views for quick access to the type of activity that you check most such as all activity, the last 10 days' ATM transactions or my deposits.
  • Download account activity into a file that can be imported using Intuit Quicken®, Intuit QuickBooks, Standard Personal Finance, Spreadsheet, Word Processing or Microsoft® Money to track all of your activity.

Make Transfers
  • Make immediate transfers between your accounts and get a summary of past transfers.
  • Pay off your loan.

Stop Payment
  • Place stop payment orders 24 hours a day.

Bill Payments
  • Pay bills electronically to virtually anyone in the U.S. You can schedule bill payments whenever you log-in, or set up recurring bill payments - ideal for paying fixed expenses such as your monthly rent, mortgage, or loan.

  • Replace paper statement with FREE E-Statement.
  • You can print the statement or keep an electronic copy when available.

Wire Transfer
  • Submit domestic wire transfer request online.

ACH Origination
  • Make payments to vendors or collect payments from your client electronically with ACH origination.
  • Low cost ACH origination creation and transmit files electronically to the bank without delays.

For more information about Alma Cash Management, please call us at (718) 267-ALMA (2562) or visit any branch location near you.