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Tax Planning Should Go Beyond the April 15th Filing Deadline

While taxes are on most people’s minds in April due to the 4/15 filing deadline April, is not the only time to think about smart ways to plan for your retirement by opening or adding to an Individual Retirement Account … Read More

Tips for Safeguarding Your Debit Card.

These days most people can’t live without their bank debit card. It’s safe, convenient and many prefer it to using cash. But are you doing all you can and should to safeguard yourself against fraud and risk of potential misuse? … Read More


Welcome to the ALMA ACUMEN—designed to be a practical personal banking blog. We will be brining you insights and tips on how to make your life easier, more secure, and more rewarding when it comes to banking-related matters. As a … Read More

Bank Smart with Your Mobile Phone

Smartphones are gaining popularity fast as a way to bank. Smartphones are taking the place of laptop and desktop computers for many people, at least when they are out and about. But what are some of the best ways to … Read More