Maria Argyros

“I recently heard from an ALMA account holder that there was a problem with one of their customers and a returned check. This was a real surprise since they had been doing business for many years with no issues. I learned this business had their account with a bank that was going through a merger. Guess that bank took their eye off the ball, so to speak.”

“I was able to reach out to this business and explain the service-oriented approach of the ALMA difference—with our primary focus on customer service. They moved their account to ALMA shortly thereafter, and have been quite pleased with us ever since.”

Did you get the runaround last time you tried to fix a problem with your bank?

Most people are very busy between work and their personal lives. Trying to get problems resolved with their bank is about the last thing they want to do. Does it take five minutes to get a live person on the phone with your bank? Are they even located in the same time zone as you? Do they care in the least about your account?

ALMA delivers personalized service that makes a real difference.

ALMA Relationship Managers can offer you a private banking experience with personalized service that leaves nothing to chance. When it comes to resolving problems, you can rest assured we make every effort to get things sorted out fast.

Accountability is our focus, taking the right action fast is our approach.

When you contact your ALMA banker or visit a branch, we’ll respond or act quickly to deal with your problem. Our team of Personal Bankers will contact the appropriate department and take complete responsibility for resolving any issues or concerns.