Judy Limpert

“I knew a customer from my previous professional life at another bank, whose real estate business relied heavily on lock box services to collect hundreds of rent checks every month—cash flow that was the lifeblood of the business.”

“The other bank was slow to post the checks and even slower responding to inquiries about problems, and really expensive. But my friend was worried about changing banks and the potentially catastrophic problems changing lock box venues might cause the business.”

“I was able to bring the ALMA Cash Management team in to show him we had a dedicated solution to his challenge. The transition was made, and shortly thereafter he moved his entire business banking relationship to ALMA.”

Fed up with your current bank, but nervous about trying a new bank?
Business banking relationships often last for years, for better or for worse. Changing banks can be a daunting thought. What happens if the transition doesn’t go smoothly?

ALMA delivers personalized service that makes a real difference.
ALMA Relationship Managers can offer you a private banking experience with personalized service that leaves nothing to chance. From the time you walk in the branch to our first visit to your place of business, ALMA is focused on meeting your banking needs.

Smart solutions can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.
Consider ALMA Cash Management Solutions. They can help make your business’ cash work as hard as you do.