Jack Kivotidis

“There are banks on every corner in the metro NYC area, selling exactly the same products and services. It’s my ability to offer superior customer service to my customers that makes ALMA different.”

“I take the time to actually listen to my customers and understand what they need from a banking relationship. Some of my customers are not even sure what they need, and that’s fine. We work together to get them right combination of banking services—like remote capture for business checking deposits.”

Is your banking thinking about your needs and opportunities before you are?

You’re busy working on your business day and night. Is your bank helping work to make your business run more smoothly? Without being asked?

ALMA delivers personalized service that makes a real difference.

What makes ALMA Bank different? It is all about personalized service, which means coming to you with banking solutions designed with your needs in mind. At ALMA, you are never just an account number.

ALMA provides services that save you time and effort.

Consider ALMA Remote Deposit Capture. Now your ALMA branch is right in your place of business when it comes to depositing checks. No need to run to the branch and deal with traffic or weather-related issues. Simple, safe, and convenient—business deposits are a snap.